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Little Landscapes Exhibition

Bright Space Gallery St Kilda

May 7th 2014

The annual TAFE exhibition for visual arts students was a friendly if not hugely attended affair. The quality of work I feel was up from last year with several exceptional works. 9 inches x 5 inches on board is a challenge to paint and not everyone has done plein air (on site) painting. This exhibition by the students is a challenge for them and is in recognition of the Australian Impressionist painters who initiated this size and style of painting.



Art Camp 2014

The Art Camp for all visual art students at Chisholm Frankston was again held at Stony Point in Victoria. The numbers were lower than last year, but the quality of the work I have seen to date has been very encouraging.

The atmosphere has been productive and friendly, with students exchanging not only ideas and encouragement but also contact details for networking and new friendships.