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Artist of the Year Awards 2013

1st Place 2013 – McClelland Guild of Artists

This award comes as a particular honour as I have been studying diligently during the past two years, so much so that competing in the artist of the year for 2012 was put on the back burner so that I could do well as I returned to full time studies. As it turns out, I have done better than hoped and my marks for my course, especially during 2013 have been a wonderful surprise.

This year I decided at the start to make a concerted effort to not only do well in my course, but also at two art groups that I have come to enjoy showing my work at each month. Along with all of this I also included nine months of painting workshops with David Chen, an artist that I greatly admire, a workshop with Cathy Van Ee and another with Glenn Hoyle. I also did a couple of photography workshops to learn how to use my DSLR better for planning and composing paintings. The local councils have been good in offering other workshops for local artists which I have attended as well. These were addressing the business side of our practises, and very helpful.