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Colour Mixing for Artists

Final Workshop 2016

Tutor: David Chen

Value and Contrast

As we learn to paint we often think about what we want to paint, but not how we are going to do it. Planning is an important part of any painting, even an abstract, as where you place colours, the tonal value you give them, the palette you select, the light source and the focal point/s will all determine if your painting is a success. A good beginning is to design your values and then to apply the colours that fit the values. Tonal painters often start with a monochrome (single colour) tonal sketch to work out where all their darks, mid tones and lights willl fall in their painting. This concept is the same. Work out where all your darkest darks will go, your mid tones and your light areas. What ever colour you choose will need to be the correct tonal value for the area you are putting it in.