Australian Fine Artist

As a Curtin Alumni member, I was recently contact to give my support to a new initiate called “The Carrolup Centre for Truth-Telling”.

The centre will restore and hold as a permanent home artworks created by Aboriginal children who were removed from the Carrolup Native settlement, in Western Australia, during the 1940s.

The collection travelled the world during the 1950s, and was retrieved from overseas galleries’ storage facilities for Curtin to be its custodian.

The collaboration between the Carrolup Elders of the university will mean that the stories of these children will be brought to light through their art, hopefully to help to rid Australia of any remnants of cultural biases or racism.

The financing for this project comes corporations, the community, and staff and alumni of Curtin University.

As an artist, art teacher and arts writer, I am happy to support any venture that that restores and preserves Australia’s cultural history for the future, so that we will always know where we came from, how far we have come, and the work yet to be done to make Australia the amazing country we all know it can be.

If you would like to support this worthy cause, the link to the site for more information is:

The site also has a button to click for donations.

If you have a moment, why not pop in to see what you may be able to contribute.

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