Australian Fine Artist

Art Camp 2014

The Art Camp for all visual art students at Chisholm Frankston was again held at Stony Point in Victoria. The numbers were lower than last year, but the quality of the work I have seen to date has been very encouraging.

The atmosphere has been productive and friendly, with students exchanging not only ideas and encouragement but also contact details for networking and new friendships.

I have uploaded some of the candid shots from the second day as well as the ephemeral sculpture put into the shoreline, to be engulfed as the tide came in. Part of the slide show is from the first and second day plus the improvements to the stone circle sculpture and more candid shots from the last day.

It was great to see friends and relies in the groups as I took photos around the camp site. Having people in your life that understand and support your endeavours as an artists and student is very important, so well done to all those who came along with students!

Meanwhile, for me it has been both enjoyable and very busy, with an average of four 9×5 paintings completed each day of the camp! By the end of the last day I had completed eleven paintings with a possible twelfth to be finished in my home studio over the weekend. I have also taken nearly two hundred photos for references for artworks, a visual record of the camp for TAFE and for this blog.

My thanks to Chisholm and the teachers for again making this yearly event such a success.

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