Australian Fine Artist

Bright Space Gallery St Kilda

May 7th 2014

The annual TAFE exhibition for visual arts students was a friendly if not hugely attended affair. The quality of work I feel was up from last year with several exceptional works. 9 inches x 5 inches on board is a challenge to paint and not everyone has done plein air (on site) painting. This exhibition by the students is a challenge for them and is in recognition of the Australian Impressionist painters who initiated this size and style of painting.


I was disappointed to see only one sale on the night given the quality of a few of the works which I felt deserved to have a red sold sticker beside them. Teachers attended and gave great support which I love seeing. There was even people from Bairnsdale who went to the trouble of making the very tiring and long journey in to the city to attend.

To those that did come along I think you deserve a big thank you for your support and I hope you all had a fun evening checking out everyone’s efforts. To those that didn’t make it, I hope you can come next year as it is well worth it to support other students and be there to meet prospective buyers.

I had my husband along for the night to do the photography and driving allowing me to relax and have a wine or two. My thanks to him also for being the wonderful support that he is.

Below are some of the shots taken on the night.

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