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Graduation 2013

Diploma of Visual Art Graduation Ceremony
Robert Blackwood Hall Monash University

Say what you may about ceremonies, marking the milestones in your life for me is a good thing. We can go through life and at times all we remember are the bad and the sad. The things we have lost and the things we would rather not remember. People we have lost, jobs we have lost, all the sad stressers in our lives.

How many of us keep a “balance” so that the good evens up with the sad and the bad? For my life in recent years there were too many of the sorrowful, stressful and horrible and not enough of the good, the successful and the triumphant.


McClelland Gallery March Exhibitions

Excursion by the Visual Art Students at Chisholm Frankston

As art students it is an enjoyable diversion to go to a gallery to look at what professional and experienced artists are displaying in public spaces. McClelland is a great gallery, entry is via gold coin donation, there is a lovely little café for lunch and snacks and the sculpture park as a relaxing walk via natural bush trails with carefully placed sculptures along the way.

For those with mobility problems the gallery has a little car to take you around with volunteer guides to explain the artworks and talk about the history of the park and gallery.

As a volunteer in the Educational Department of McClelland, I can attest to the interesting workshops and events for schools and groups during the holidays and through the year. The small studio, originally used by the original artist and owner of the property is still in use for the art workshops.

The current exhibitions in the gallery building were the aim of today’s visit by TAFE. I had already been to an artist talk by Martin Hill, who talked about his introduction into the world of art and his projects which he and his partner are endeavouring to spread in a line right around the planet! See my blog in the site about Martin Hill for more information.

The other two exhibitions were very different from each other. Lord of the Canopy by Julian Ford and Sensory Overload, a group video and installation exhibit by Karen Casey, George Khut, Roass Manning and Kit Webster.


Still Life Workshop 2

This is the second of five workshops that I will be attending for the first half of 2014 with esteemed artist David Chen.

Learning More About Colour

Why do we mix paint when there are so many colours already made up in tubes at the art store? A fair question when you are learning to colour mix. One answer is that we as humans can se millions of colours. Some people see more of the colour spectrum than others, and it has been said that women can see more colours than men do. After that, we all probably see the same colour in nature differently. We all don’t see a blue sky as the same blue, or a lovely red dress as the exact same red. This is why in the graphics and arts professions people who colour match are so unique, as they are relied on to be able to match a colour sample exactly for reproduction.


Louise Paramor

Artist Talk at Chisholm Frankston

Louise Paramor was born in Sydney in 1964. She received a Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting from Curtin University, Perth, in 1985. In 1988 she completed a Post-graduate Diploma in Sculpture at the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne. Since 1988 Louise has actively exhibited in Australia and overseas and has held twenty-four solo exhibitions.

For her talk today Louise took us through a video presentation of her work from the 1980s through to the winning sculpture at the McClelland Sculpture Park Survey in 2010.


Art Camp 2014

The Art Camp for all visual art students at Chisholm Frankston was again held at Stony Point in Victoria. The numbers were lower than last year, but the quality of the work I have seen to date has been very encouraging.

The atmosphere has been productive and friendly, with students exchanging not only ideas and encouragement but also contact details for networking and new friendships.