Australian Fine Artist

Graduation 2013

Diploma of Visual Art Graduation Ceremony
Robert Blackwood Hall Monash University

Say what you may about ceremonies, marking the milestones in your life for me is a good thing. We can go through life and at times all we remember are the bad and the sad. The things we have lost and the things we would rather not remember. People we have lost, jobs we have lost, all the sad stressers in our lives.

How many of us keep a “balance” so that the good evens up with the sad and the bad? For my life in recent years there were too many of the sorrowful, stressful and horrible and not enough of the good, the successful and the triumphant.

Study has changed that for me. I have succeeded in three courses in the past four years! This year I decided to celebrate and take my husband and a dear friend along for the journey. We deserved, I felt, to celebrate together.

All I can tell you is I am so glad I did it. The sense of achievement is great. My tutor Jon Hatfield asked me the following day if I felt any different. I actually do! I feel more confident, I feel a sense of worth in myself that is more defined and I am proud of what I have accomplished and being able to share that with so many others.

Below I have included photos from my special night. The first I hope of several more to come as I go on with further studies in the coming months and years. My husband has done a terrific job of showing my emotions on the night and I hope viewers will enjoy seeing them.

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