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Oakhill Gallery Award for Emerging Artists

As a rule I try not to do too much self promoting on this blog site, as it is mostly reserved for education and information. I like to inform about events that may be of interest and promote the arts, especially fine and visual art to those that are already interested or are thinking it may be something that they can start to look at for a hobby or collector.

Today I am breaking my own rule a little to talk about the opening night at the Frankston Chisholm TAFE End of Year Art Exhibition.

Students, including myself as a second year visual art student, spent quite a bit of time in meetings to arrange the exhibition, working on getting the infrastructure of the night done, promoting, advertising, getting signage done, arranging catering, inviting a special speaker to open the exhibition and security etc. Following all of that come the clearing out of the studio spaces and cleaning, then the hanging of the exhibition and preparing the area for guests and entertainment.