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Glen Morgan

Visiting Artist 
June 6th, 2012

Today we were visited by Victorian artist Glen Morgan. Glen taught at Warrnambool TAFE until recently and is now devoting his time full time to his art.

The ABC in 2008 described his work as: …”busy, bright, socially aware, and often includes handles and levers you can move for added excitement.”  That is the impression I got whilst looking at the presentation today.

The ABC went on to say: … “Glenn Morgan’s studio is surprisingly clean – set in the attic of his house, it’s an interesting space with a pair of small windows looking out to Warrnambool’s Lady Bay, not that you’ll ever see that scene depicted in any of Glenn’s works. Instead, he prefers to concentrate on other aspects of daily life including sex, love, social commentary, and footy.

The title of the artist talk today was “Social Commentator” so that fits right in with the description by the ABC. Glen’s topics vary widely from very light and funny to socially aware to very personal and sobering. His dioramas were an interesting twist on the norm, with moving parts and handles to encourage viewers to not only look at his art but be involved with it by being able to turn and move things in the pieces.

Sometimes fine art especially (in my opinion) can be a bit full of itself, as many of us have probably experienced. You can get the impression that unless you are a bit highbrow, you are not really part of the “accepted” art society. Very down to earth art like Glen’s may not be the type of art you want to do yourself, but putting that aside, it brings art “to the people”. It makes art approachable and widens its scope. As in life we don’t want to be serious all the time, so our art can be a little lighter and more fun sometimes too.

Glen impressed me with his work ethic. His art is his business and to succeed he said, you need to work hard. Effort PLUS the talent, as there are lots of gifted “bums” on the street.

Glen has developed a style of artworks that he enjoys doing and he has been able to exhibit and make the business connections to start getting his work noticed and collected. He uses found materials for sculptures, does combinations and mixed media pieces, very large paintings in acrylics sometimes covering several panels and has also exhibited drawings.

Glen was also very approachable and friendly for any questions after his chat. Something we all need to keep in mind for the future. I personally don’t know where my future career is exactly heading or whether my future output of artworks will succeed or fail, but I do know that the lasting impressions you leave with the people you meet whilst out and about talking about your art and theirs is very important.

Another interesting and informative session.