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Victorian Artists Society

The Member’s Room

Exhibiting for the Month of July 2014

Tales of Things Lost or Forgotten
Some of the Major Pieces

I am very pleased and proud to have recent works on display in the Member’s Room at the Victorian Artists Society. They are available to purchase and I am very happy to talk to any art collectors new or current who may be interested in one or more of the pieces.

The Victorian Artists Society was started by some of Australia’s most prestigious Impressionist artists of the 19th and early 20th Centuries. Membership is by sponsorship only and the standard of presented paintings and skill level are assessed before membership is given. It is because of this that I was honoured to be sponsored by the then President of the Society whilst talking to her on the phone.

My work was checked on-line and in the email I submitted as I didn’t know anyone in the Society to sponsor me. I have entered a few shows since then, but the Member’s room as part of my project for my Advanced Diploma in 2014 is the most ambitious venture I have done with them to date.

This preview of my body of work for 2014 will be in the book to be published at the end of 2014. As the project is still ongoing, comments and suggestions are most welcome. Enquiries about my other works can also be made through my web site at:

A hint of what the paintings will look like hanging in the Member’s Room.

RHS Wall-triptych space-LR










three sep paintings on wall-LR

Colley Whisson’s Exhibition Opening

Without Pier Cheltenham

I have liked Colley’s work for quite a while after he gave a demonstration at one of the guilds of which I have been a member over the past ten years.

He has only improved and it was great to see a sizeable body of his work on display. The Without Pier gallery space in Cheltenham, which I hadn’t visited before is a light well lit building. The paintings all hung at a good height and far enough apart to allow enjoyment of every piece.

Looking at all the other works on display on the storage facilities of Without Pier impressed me as well. it is apparent that the gallery only takes in and sells work of a particular standard, which helps them as a business and all the artists exhibiting and selling through them.


Five Exhibitions – One Day

Chisholm Excursion to Melbourne CBD

Exhibition One

Kings Ari, 171 Bourke Street, Melbourne
Artists’ Run Initiative

“The Trophy Shop”

As if determined to run us off our feet, we were set up for a day wandering from one end of town to the other to see a wide variety of art. First up was a group exhibition by recent graduates from RMIT who have set up a shop front gallery  and are bringing attention to it with work in this fairly hard to find first floor gallery in King Street, Melbourne. Hard to find because the only thing from the street that you see is a door with the number on it, so the venue lost points for me straight away for having a poor street profile. The very old stairs to the first floor weren’t too OHS friendly either, so disabled would have trouble attending.


Works on Paper 2014

Exhibition at the Mornington peninsula Regional Gallery

The Works on Paper is a regular event held by the MPRG in Mornington, Victoria. Artists are invited to enter this award to have their work looked at by a selection committee, who then choose the finalist to be displayed in the gallery. From there the winner and acquisitions are announced.


Aztecs at the Melbourne Museum

Drawing Session for Advanced Diploma Students

We were treated to a visit in the Melbourne Museum this week, where we are allowed to spend time drawing the exhibits on display from the Aztec empire. I have been very interested in archeology and history since I was very young, reading encyclopaedias and any books I could get my hands on. My mother in particular encouraged my interest and by the time I was in high school I had read two encyclopaedias and was also watching programs about my favourite subjects.

The Aztec empire lasted for only around 200 years and spread from Mexico to parts of Central South America. It is a culture that had great strengths and some very, what we would call, cruel or even savage customs. Their art is beautiful, sophisticated and intricate and the Aztecs built some amazing pyramids and cities. Unfortunately for surrounding tribes they also practised human sacrifice of captured enemy warriors and even had ritual sacrifices of their own people. Some of the images in the exhibition are confronting in this regard so you need to be aware of this.



“Cream” and “Waves and Water”

Exhibiting at McClelland Gallery and Sculpture park

Forty Years of Australian Art History from the Rockhampton Art Gallery in Queensland

McClelland Gallery held the opening for both the “CREAM” exhibition and “Waves and Water“, the photographic exhibition in the adjacent gallery space on Saturday May 10th.

The Curator of the Rockhampton Gallery gave a brief talk about the exhibition before the opening and gave some insight into the development of the gallery in Rockhampton and the initial acquisition of major artworks during the 1970s.

Because of the foresight of the committee in charge of purchasing for the new gallery, this collection has some of the best examples from some of Australia’s iconic artists starting with Grace Cossington-Smith in 1940 through to a drawing by Brett Whitely and a beautiful landscape by Arthur Boyd which I had never seen before.

Because of the generosity and grants from various groups and government departments such as the Australian Arts Council the Rockhampton Gallery has been able to grow its collection of Australian artworks purchased in the most part directly from the artists, thus putting money back to enable them to keep producing the works that we now hold so dear in other galleries around the country and overseas.

I very much admire any gallery or collector that is willing to invest in living Australian artists so that we can keep our “industry” producing, growing and developing creatively both here and overseas.

The exhibition is a travelling one and will move on to other venues after McClelland which holds the honour of being the first place this collection of paintings is being shown. I went around the exhibition at least three times to check out the paintings and drawings. Some are just stunning and a few are ones that I have only seen in books, so to be able to stand so close the them is amazing.

Speaking of standing very close to iconic works, I was able to stand within a metre of the iconic Max Dupain print “Sunbaker”. It would have to be one of the most famous and iconic photos of the last century and is amongst a group of beautiful prints of photos taken by Max. The theme of the beach and Australiana of the 1940s to today in this photographic exhibition goes nicely with the paintings in the other gallery space. There is a very large black and white print on one of the other walls by a more recent photographer taken from under the water looking up at swimmers which is breath-taking – and HUGE!

There  is something here for any person interested in art or photography. The paintings and the prints are all beautifully presented and very interesting, especially if you want to look into the development of art and photography in Australia over the past seventy years or so.

I am looking forward to a revisit soon with my classmates and tutors from TAFE, as I was told that an excursion to this event has been looked into. My thanks to the staff and management at McCellland for getting together such great event.

Speaking of great events, to finish off, after our art chat on Saturday, the official opening was held for both exhibitions. Some wine and very tasty nibbles were on offer as well as very entertaining speakers. I am so glad I took the time to visit and participate and as always I was given a warm welcome which makes volunteering and being in the arts community all that more enjoyable.

Little Landscapes Exhibition

Bright Space Gallery St Kilda

May 7th 2014

The annual TAFE exhibition for visual arts students was a friendly if not hugely attended affair. The quality of work I feel was up from last year with several exceptional works. 9 inches x 5 inches on board is a challenge to paint and not everyone has done plein air (on site) painting. This exhibition by the students is a challenge for them and is in recognition of the Australian Impressionist painters who initiated this size and style of painting.



Tales of Things Lost or Forgotten

Solo Exhibition at Oakhill Gallery

May 3rd to May 29th 2014

Oakhill Gallery went above and beyond the call of duty when curating my first solo exhibition for my emerging fine art career. As the winner of the Oakhill Award in 2013 I have been very privileged to be able to have my work for the past several months displayed and for sale at the gallery.

Expecting Gallery 2 as we had arranged I was very happy and honoured to find that I had been allocated both the front galleries and the end of the hallway for my work. Oakhill has the 9×5 Cigar Box Exhibition on at the same time, which I had been offered space in as well, and it was amazing to see all my work, large and small with its own dedicated space.



William Blake at the NGV

Gallery Excursion with Chisholm Frankston for Visual Art
For those who are interested in contemporary art, William Blake may seem a rather odd choice to recommend seeing. I think, however that Blake has much to offer any artist no matter what style you lean towards. One of our tutors at Chisholm who is originally from the UK was influenced by Blake and now that I have seen more of his work, I can see much of where he gets his inspiration. Philip does very contemporary work and his compositions are imaginative and sometimes very confronting. His mix of body parts with inanimate objects has sometimes had me wondering where he got his ideas from. In Blake’s work today I could see little glimpses of Philip.


Oakhill Gallery Exhibition

I am pleased to invite friends and followers to my exhibition at Oakhill Gallery, Mornington.

The exhibition covers a body of work produced starting mid 2013 and leading to my Advanced Diploma Project for 2014.

All works are for sale and a price list will be available at the venue. I look forward to seeing some familiar faces during the month.

Kindest regards,

Janice Mills.