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I have been using acrylic paints for several years now and something that I have known about them but have not investigated is why some acrylics tend to change colour when they dry.

You may have had this experience before. You mix a nice bold colour and apply it to your painting, then when it is dry, the colour has lightened or changed in some way, becoming less vibrant for example.

Like most paints acrylics are made up from pigments and binders. Until today I didn’t know that the binders are the big difference between a paint that holds its colour and one that changes as it dries. I thought it must have to do only with the quality of the pigment (which may also be a factor).

The tip for today, supplied by Winsor & Newton, is that when purchasing your next lot of acrylics, check to make sure that the binder is transparent and of good quality so that it doesn’t affect the colour as it dries. If you have experienced this when you paint, you may want to look at some different brands to test for better results.

The brands I have been using lately is Derivan Matisse Professional Artists Acrylic Colour and Winsor & Newton and I have been very happy with both. You may find another brand that suits you, but I suggest testing before you buy a lot of them, just to be sure.

Until next time, happy painting.


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