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A Visit to the Old Caulfield Town Hall

The main entrance to the old Town Hall now leads to a dedicated art space. I haven’t been in the building for over thirty years, so after discovering that art is now within its walls, I had to visit.

Of main interest were the paintings by the Boyd family (or at least parts of it). Only a few paintings on view, but worth the trip. The ceramics were a bonus and a nice addition to the lovely water colours by Arthur Merric and Emma Minnie.

After having just left the Clarice Beckett exhibition, it was interesting to see Emma Boyd’s painting, completed in 1932, around the same time that Beckett was painting. Considering her family name, and how well they were and are still known, it is interesting that, to many people, the female members of the Boyd family are still overshadowed by their male relatives.

Looking at samples of their work side by side, it is a shame, because I consider that Emma Minnie Boyd’s work is far superior to that of most of her family, apart from possibly her son Penleigh Boyd. Her little landscape scene was beautifully painted, showing a mastery of water colours and a great understanding of colour and composition.

Below are three of the paintings that drew my attention today. One is an early Arthur Boyd, another is Arthur Merrick’s landscape, and the final one is Emma Minnie Boyd’s water colour. All are beautiful and show a great kinship with the land. I think, however, that I will remain drawn to one above the others.

As an interesting side issue, my mother grew up in the Murrumbeena and Carnegie area near the Boyds. I am not sure how well they knew each other, but my mother’s family was fairly well off and interested in the arts, so they possibly knew each other. She spoke to me about them as I became interested in art. That indicates to me that artists can be an important part of a community and leave impressions on generations of people, just like my family has experienced.

Arthur boyd
arthur merric

emma minnie-1932

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