Australian Fine Artist

Life Drawing

Venue: Frankston Chisholm

Tutor: Bill Hay


The process of learning to draw has its good and not so good days. What you should never do, however, is give up if you have a day when you think that you could or should have done better.

I always start off my drawing and paintings thinking they look like a disaster. It seems to be part of the process to punch through the negative thoughts  to get to the result which may be less than desirable, but on the other hand, may come out better than I expect. The most important thing is not to listen to the voice of doubt, and to take a breath and keep going.

This may include standing back to reassess where you are going, having another look at your model and comparing it to your work to see where you need to go next, or just emphasising a section and de-emphasising another part that is not in your focal point.

(NOTE: Drawings of nude female figures follow in this article)


The most important thing is to keep going. I remember my first life drawings, many which I still have stored away. They were on the whole – horrible! I thought I just could not draw human figures. My tutors, on the other hand, were very patient and encouraging and told me to keep trying.

I good art teacher is something that can not be underestimated or taken for granted. Not everyone that can do art and teach it. I have been very lucky to have had several amazing teachers in the past few years, and it is because of them that I have improved so much from the stiff and out of proportion drawings that I first produced.

Each basic skill builds on the other. This is how an artist can continue to improve and build their own unique look for their work. Not based on starting a painting and hoping for the best, or reworking in the hopes of a successful result, and not from a false premise of underlying skills being of no importance, but from a place of patient learning and building up of competencies. So if you at the point of disappointment with your drawings, don’t give up! Persistence pays off, and you may be amazed where you end up if you keep at it.

Samples from this week’s session below (note the variation in thickness and weight of lines to indicate where I want you to look and where the model is placing her weight):
IMG_2816 IMG_2820 IMG_2821

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