Australian Fine Artist

Opening Night at Without Pier

I was one of the honoured guests to be invited to the opening night of David Chen’s exhibition at Without Pier Gallery in Bay Road Cheltenham.

For those that know of David, he is a highly qualified and experienced artist and teacher. His formal training in China before moving to Australia in the early 1990s set him up as not only an internationally known painter, but also a teacher qualified to teach at university level. His understanding of the medium of oil paint alone sets him apart from many artists in Australia and overseas.

David’s most recognised work in Australia centres around his love of the human figure, the city and the sea. His vibrant use of colour and his beautiful impressionist bordering on abstract compositions have thick and luscious layers of paint with light, movement and a life of their own. Each works invites the viewer to linger to investigate, to take in the story and to enjoy the atmospheric effects that David is able to seemingly, easily achieve.

With something like thirty years of dedication to his career, David is at the top of his profession. This doesn’t mean he isn’t continually working to broaden his scope in his paintings, or create more and more interesting and beautiful work. On the contrary, he is able to juggle his demonstrating, teaching and other creative output with his desire to improve and be the consummate artist that he is famous for being.

There are several works in this exhibition that I personally liked as my favourites. The subjects are varied and the palettes are as well. They invited me to wander around in them and explore the brilliant use of the brush and paint, to linger over the artist’s brush marks, and enjoy the stories that I could make up in front of each scene.

I invite art lovers to drop by the gallery whilst this exhibition is on to see David’s work for themselves. Every piece is available to purchase so bring your credit/EFT cards or cheque books. In my humble opinion, a David Chen painting is something you can pass on to the next generation as a good investment in Fine Art, something that can be cherished for years to come.

Details of the exhibition are below:

David Chen Exhibition
26 November-10 December 2014

Without Pier Gallery
320 Bay Road, Cheltenham Victoria
Telephone: 03 9583 7577
Open: Monday to Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 12noon-5pm

Scenes from the opening

crowd 1 crowd 2 crowd 3 david david2 director w-outpier

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