Australian Fine Artist

Why I Paint What I Paint

Fashions come and go. Recently I attended a talk by a printmaker who has taken up a practice of printing that was nearly accepted as extinct only thirty or so years ago. It is now being taken up by enough artists to warrant a triennial overseas.

People still attend the NGV and other galleries for events such as Monet’s Garden or the Australian Impressionists so the interest in painting is still there. Why does it have to be about artists and movements that are thought of as in the past? Oil painting can be current, it can be in the spirit of the times without being dismissed as passé. There are walls to put a painting on and people to appreciate and see something in the paintings they may place on them. The human condition continues and painting, without being too contemporary or bleeding edge, I feel can still find a way of expressing it.

Alain de Botton in his book Art as Therapy talks about the emotional and human nature of art. He implies that by looking at art we can bring out the human condition, the emotions that we may be ignoring or trying to suppress in our busy lives. We can help people to feel better for example, by bringing some joy in a sorrowful day, some peace in a hectic life, some happy memories in the midst of sadness and a sense of beauty.

A story they want to revisit every time they look at my work.

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