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Ballarat Gallery

Day Trip and Guided Tour Part Two

Welcome to part two of my visit to the Ballarat Art Gallery. In this blog I will go through several of the artworks that I was drawn to in the gallery. I will list them chronologically just as they are seen in the building’s rooms. If possible I will talk about a few of the artists that I discovered as well as some that are very familiar to many artists and art lovers. There were many that I had not seen before and their work was especially beautiful to look at, so I feel, worthy of a mention. (more…)

Ballarat Art Gallery

Day Trip and Guided Tour
Part One

The Venue

Mid year holidays from my regular studies allow for not only catching up with domestic duties and chilling out a bit, they also offer me the opportunity to plan trips to places I have been wanting to investigate. This year I have decided that our Victorian Regional Galleries needed to go on the list. After a very interesting chat given at McClelland Gallery by the Curator and Gallery Director of a Regional Art Gallery in Queensland, I decided to look into how our regional galleries are run.

Unlike many larger galleries, or those run by councils exclusively, Regional Galleries are often the product of a group of people getting together and raising the money to have a gallery built. They usually run autonomously from any outside political interference so can set how they want to operate, what kind of art they show and choose the artists they want to exhibit in the space. In a lot of cases these are living Australian artists, which is great to see somewhere that supports artists who still need income to make a living. Not that I don’t like seeing work from the greats in our history, I do, as a matter of fact, I draw much of my inspiration from the Impressionists and Post Impressionists, but as  a living artists myself, I know that it is the emerging and practising artists living now that really need the most support to have a standard of living comparable to anyone else working at any other profession or business.