Australian Fine Artist

The Member’s Room

Exhibiting for the Month of July 2014

Tales of Things Lost or Forgotten
Some of the Major Pieces

I am very pleased and proud to have recent works on display in the Member’s Room at the Victorian Artists Society. They are available to purchase and I am very happy to talk to any art collectors new or current who may be interested in one or more of the pieces.

The Victorian Artists Society was started by some of Australia’s most prestigious Impressionist artists of the 19th and early 20th Centuries. Membership is by sponsorship only and the standard of presented paintings and skill level are assessed before membership is given. It is because of this that I was honoured to be sponsored by the then President of the Society whilst talking to her on the phone.

My work was checked on-line and in the email I submitted as I didn’t know anyone in the Society to sponsor me. I have entered a few shows since then, but the Member’s room as part of my project for my Advanced Diploma in 2014 is the most ambitious venture I have done with them to date.

This preview of my body of work for 2014 will be in the book to be published at the end of 2014. As the project is still ongoing, comments and suggestions are most welcome. Enquiries about my other works can also be made through my web site at:

A hint of what the paintings will look like hanging in the Member’s Room.

RHS Wall-triptych space-LR










three sep paintings on wall-LR

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