Australian Fine Artist

Without Pier Cheltenham

I have liked Colley’s work for quite a while after he gave a demonstration at one of the guilds of which I have been a member over the past ten years.

He has only improved and it was great to see a sizeable body of his work on display. The Without Pier gallery space in Cheltenham, which I hadn’t visited before is a light well lit building. The paintings all hung at a good height and far enough apart to allow enjoyment of every piece.

Looking at all the other works on display on the storage facilities of Without Pier impressed me as well. it is apparent that the gallery only takes in and sells work of a particular standard, which helps them as a business and all the artists exhibiting and selling through them.

Colley has some thoughts on what helps to make a good artist, which is reflected in his own interpretation of the impressionist method of painting. The first is drawing ability and the second is the understanding of light and shadow.  For Colley, shadows are very important in his paintings giving them depth and atmosphere.

Whether a seascape, landscape or room view, Colley’s use of light and shadow plus clean colour make beautiful paintings that are a joy to look at. His growing success both selling and teaching in Australia and overseas is a reflection of his professional attitude to his arts practice and something that I admire in him.

I took the opportunity to drop off my own business card to Without Pier whilst there, as the owner has seen a few of my works from last year which were purchased by a collector of my paintings. I feel I have only improved since then, with the training of David Chen, who is also represented by Without Pier. So I have given it a go… You never know if you don’t ask. So it doesn’t hurt to try. Aspiring to the heights of those you admire can only be a good thing I feel. Meanwhile I wish Colley every success in his exhibition.

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