Australian Fine Artist

Camberwell Art Show

Some Rough Statistics for Artists

The Camberwell Art Show has now finished for another year. At the end of an event like this I feel it is a good idea for us as practising artists to have a look at how the show went. This helps us plan for next year. We may want to change the subject, style or presentation of the work we enter depending on what we see in the sales figures.

I know this isn’t the exciting part of your practice, but if you want to sell, you need to know which event is presenting your work well, how much interest it is getting and the percentage of sales for the quantity of paintings etc submitted.

Back of the envelope figures that I have worked out for Camberwell are:

Total Artworks on Show: 1272

Total Artwork Sales: 228

This is roughly 18% of total works submitted sold.

Of the works submitted these were the figures:

  • Cartoon: 0
  • Abstract: 12
  • Animals:32 (25% of total Animals)
  • Contemporary: 58 (26% of total Contemporaries)
  • Humanity: 3
  • Impressionist: 5
  • Landscape: 63 (27% of total Landscapes)
  • Nudes: 2
  • Other: 4
  • Portrait: 7
  • Religious: 0 (none entered)
  • Seascape: 31 (22% of total Seascapes)
  • Sport: 1
  • Still Life: 20 (19% of total Still Lifes)
  • Streetscape: 20 (27% of total Streetscapes)

These rely on the artist putting their work into the correct category, which several weren’t. I also noticed that a lot of landscapes for example, were done in a very contemporary style, similarly for still lifes. The taste of those purchasing seems to have been towards the bright high key colours in one instance and traditional in others, so no matter what type of painting you like to do, I feel there is a good chance of selling if someone likes your work.

The prices of sold works also showed that people were willing to spend if they saw something they liked. Sold paintings varied from the low hundreds to nearly ten thousand dollars. The average seems to fall around the fifteen hundred dollar mark.

People seemed to like works that were finished off professionally, such as high quality framing and finishing off around the edges of unframed works, although I saw many more framed paintings in the collection area for purchasers whilst picking up my pieces.

Whether your sell or not, Camberwell seems to be a good place to showcase your work and on the whole I have no complaints about how my paintings were handled. As with everything, I will decide next year if I want to enter again, the chances are that I will put in at least one work, just to keep being seen.

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