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The Official Opening June 28th, 2014

A lot of dedicated hard work went into getting this initiative for using shops in the Hastings township to renew and regenerate the township. Hastings has been needing a boost to its economy for a while and it has taken a group of artists, galleries and members of local and state government working together to get the project off the ground.

What is needed now is the support of the general public to purchase the artworks that everyone has so diligently produced and made available to purchase. I might add that having seen the prices at not only Oakhill but the other shops, there is something for every budget. These are not upper end of the market prices as artists have made artworks that can be purchased by those on very mid to lower incomes who wish to have an original piece in their home or office.
I was very happy to see support from our federal, state and local government representatives for not only attending but opening the event. They even stayed around to buy some things which I think is much appreciated.
As I am a member of the Oakhill Gallery, I feel I must talk about the shop set up by Yvonne and Brett. This shop is around the corner from other shops but in a great space located on the way into Hastings with excellent parking right in front.
Given the short amount of time to get up and running a fantastic job has been done to set up. The Oakhill artists, including myself, have supported the shop with some beautiful artworks. Oakhill also have the advantage of EFTPOS in the shop, so you don’t need cash on you.
As the end of the financial year is upon us, and Oakhill is an artist run initiative, the artists get a great advantage of selling and any donations are tax deductible. Oakhill are also looking for more patrons and supporters to enable them to pass on more benefits via better services to artists and bigger prizes for their exhibitions and competitions so if this is something that you have thought about doing, Yvonne and Brett would be very happy to hear from you.

The Oakhill Venue in Hastings is open on the following days:
Tuesday to Sunday 11AM to 3PM

The address is:
Shop 3, 145 Salmon Street, Hastings
Telephone for more information: 03 5973 4299

I encourage everyone to support this initiative and the local artists that have worked so hard to supply the works for it.

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The talented guitarist pictured is Leah Ferguson.



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  1. Thanks for the information and good luck

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