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Drawing Session for Advanced Diploma Students

We were treated to a visit in the Melbourne Museum this week, where we are allowed to spend time drawing the exhibits on display from the Aztec empire. I have been very interested in archeology and history since I was very young, reading encyclopaedias and any books I could get my hands on. My mother in particular encouraged my interest and by the time I was in high school I had read two encyclopaedias and was also watching programs about my favourite subjects.

The Aztec empire lasted for only around 200 years and spread from Mexico to parts of Central South America. It is a culture that had great strengths and some very, what we would call, cruel or even savage customs. Their art is beautiful, sophisticated and intricate and the Aztecs built some amazing pyramids and cities. Unfortunately for surrounding tribes they also practised human sacrifice of captured enemy warriors and even had ritual sacrifices of their own people. Some of the images in the exhibition are confronting in this regard so you need to be aware of this.


I concentrated on objects that took my attention or presented a bit of a challenge to draw and avoided the more grizzly images or items. I saw this as an opportunity to draw something from a culture other than the Greek, Roman, Egyptian and other Mediterranean and Western based cultures that I normally resource. I have many examples of doodles done over the years of columns, pedestals etc so this change wasn’t a stretch.

My love of all things ancient is evident in my art and as many note books and other books show, as well as desks, over the years, when the mind wandered, I doodled ancient artefacts all over the place.

During this year completing my Advanced Diploma in Art I have been focussing on things found in the landscape and that included man-made objects that have lost heir purpose or are not now definable. This coming together of my goals for the next year and my life long passion was very special. I couldn’t wait to get into the city and start drawing.

With visual diary, pencils and fine liner pens in hand I spent a very productive four hours drawing pieces that took my fancy. I loved reading about the history of this amazing people, much of which I have already read elsewhere but really don’t mind reading over and over. I then sat or stood to work my way through the intricate patterns of the beautiful pieces which included gold and copper jewellery and feathered costumes.

I want to thank Fran for arraying for us to visit this exhibition. I loved it. I event ooh time with a fellow student to go for a walk around the rest of the building after my back told me to stop drawing for the day. All good.

I have included the drawings I did, in black fine liner and done as quick sketches, so please excuse the fact that they do look a bit messy in spots.

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