Australian Fine Artist

Solo Exhibition at Oakhill Gallery

May 3rd to May 29th 2014

Oakhill Gallery went above and beyond the call of duty when curating my first solo exhibition for my emerging fine art career. As the winner of the Oakhill Award in 2013 I have been very privileged to be able to have my work for the past several months displayed and for sale at the gallery.

Expecting Gallery 2 as we had arranged I was very happy and honoured to find that I had been allocated both the front galleries and the end of the hallway for my work. Oakhill has the 9×5 Cigar Box Exhibition on at the same time, which I had been offered space in as well, and it was amazing to see all my work, large and small with its own dedicated space.


The signage at the front of the building and every other detail was just great and I want to thank Yvonne and Brett in this blog for all the hard work they put in to making the opening such a success.

We all had an enjoyable afternoon and I need to also thank Jon Hatfield, one of the art tutors from Chisholm Frankston for taking time from his weekend to attend.

Chisholm is holding the annual Little Landscapes exhibition starting this week in Bright Space Gallery, St Kilda so I know the teachers have been very busy. Most of them are calling in to see my exhibition so a big thanks you to you all! By the way, I will have works at Bright Space as well.

I am popping in some of the photos we took at the opening at Oakhill. Please excuse the glare on a few of the pics of artworks, oil paint isn’t always easy to take shots of out of the studio.

I will be in Oakhill Gallery from 2pm to 4pm sundays whilst the exhibition is on, so I look forward to meeting art collectors, colleagues and friends. All the works are available for purchase, so have a chat to the volunteers in the gallery for pricing on anything you see that “must” go home with you!

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