Australian Fine Artist

Excursion by TAFE Students to the MPRG

Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery has three separate exhibitions running at present and students studying Art from Chisholm Frankston went to a talk about one of the larger of the three and to look around the others.

On display are:

  • Jimmy Pike’s Artlines – contemporary art (drawings).
  • Signature Style – a group exhibition of contemporary jewellery.
  • Behind the Lines – 2013s “best” political cartoons.

I had a quick look through the jewellery, but to be honest there wasn’t anything there to keep my attention for long. The cartoons were refreshing because for once I saw a balanced view of our nations and its politics. Rather than a huge leaning to the left, the cartoonists had an equal opportunity dig at all sides of politics. I found a lot of the work very well drawn or painted and some a little gross with the imaginative altering of some well known faces and bodies. Quite funny and some very thought provoking and to my thinking well worth a visit even if art isn’t your thing.

The main objective of the visit was the Jimmy Pike exhibition. These drawings mostly done in text pen on sketch pad paper were presented beautifully which showed up the bright use of colour and mis of traditional cultural themes with the modern contemporary.

Still not my thing really, and I had the feeling that your average pre teen could have come up with a similar body of work. I was more interested in the lighting and the control of air flow into the room. Great care is being taken to keep direct light off the works so they don’t fade, and to keep the temperature and moisture contact in the room constant. Proof that MPRG takes care for their exhibitions very seriously.

If you like abstract-like imagery with some cultural references this still may be something you would like to look at. The work is divided into categories such as desert flora, various spirits and direction finding.

If you have time left over, the Oakhill Gallery on the highway near MPRG is having a photographic exhibition at present (April 2014) which I have four photo prints in and for sale. During May I will have Gallery 2 in Oakhill full of my work for the month. The “Lost” series will include paintings, pastel, bronzes and a high relief paster triptych sculpted and in shadow box frames. All will be for sale.

The roses are still out in the rose garden nearby as well, for a nice walk.

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