Australian Fine Artist

1st Place 2013 – McClelland Guild of Artists

This award comes as a particular honour as I have been studying diligently during the past two years, so much so that competing in the artist of the year for 2012 was put on the back burner so that I could do well as I returned to full time studies. As it turns out, I have done better than hoped and my marks for my course, especially during 2013 have been a wonderful surprise.

This year I decided at the start to make a concerted effort to not only do well in my course, but also at two art groups that I have come to enjoy showing my work at each month. Along with all of this I also included nine months of painting workshops with David Chen, an artist that I greatly admire, a workshop with Cathy Van Ee and another with Glenn Hoyle. I also did a couple of photography workshops to learn how to use my DSLR better for planning and composing paintings. The local councils have been good in offering other workshops for local artists which I have attended as well. These were addressing the business side of our practises, and very helpful.

I have now completed my Diploma of Visual Art Course after two years of diligent work. I have set myself on a path of learning for my arts career and business, one that I had left not too voluntarily over thirty years ago.With a lot of support and encouragement I have decided to continue my studies to gain further qualifications during 2014 with an Advanced Diploma course. I am very excited about where life is heading me as doors keep opening and hard work is rewarded with such great results.

Artist of the Year McClelland Guild of Artists 2013

1st Place, (Section A for Experienced Artists) 2013 – Berwick Artists Society
1st Place, (Section C for Contemporary Art) 2013 – Berwick Artists Society

These wins this year are a particular honour. I have been studying long hours during the past year adding extra workshops, lectures, meetings and seminars to my studies, so much so that competing in the artist of the year had to be nearly incorporated into my homework hours. As it turns out however, it has worked out really well and the weekends and after hours hard work have resulted in better results than hoped and my marks for my course have also been a wonderful surprise.

I am so happy to be able to say that I have achieved my goal of winning Artist of the Year at Berwick Artists Society for 2013 in Section A, what came totally out of the blue was the win in Section C for Contemporary Art (Mixed Media). I had a vision and have worked towards achieving it, along with the High Distinctions for the second year of my diploma course. I am so happy with everything that is coming my way as 2013 ends, it is thrilling, exciting, satisfying and an honour!

My thanks to everyone who has had a part in 2013 being such a success, my wonderful husband most of all – none of this would have happened without his support, encouragement and total belief in me, followed by great tutors at TAFE, mentors at workshops and the many fellow artists who have been a part of my life at TAFE.

Artist of the year Section A and C Berwick Artists Society 2013

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