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As a rule I try not to do too much self promoting on this blog site, as it is mostly reserved for education and information. I like to inform about events that may be of interest and promote the arts, especially fine and visual art to those that are already interested or are thinking it may be something that they can start to look at for a hobby or collector.

Today I am breaking my own rule a little to talk about the opening night at the Frankston Chisholm TAFE End of Year Art Exhibition.

Students, including myself as a second year visual art student, spent quite a bit of time in meetings to arrange the exhibition, working on getting the infrastructure of the night done, promoting, advertising, getting signage done, arranging catering, inviting a special speaker to open the exhibition and security etc. Following all of that come the clearing out of the studio spaces and cleaning, then the hanging of the exhibition and preparing the area for guests and entertainment.

As you can see, a lot of work has gone into this event without mentioning the artworks themselves which have been a year of research and application to achieve.

We have had some stand out talented and dedicated artists studying in the past two years. Some were rewarded with awards last night, and rightly so, the recipients were all very deserving and it was good to cheer them as they walked over to receive their certificates.

This leads me to my self interest part. I was very honoured to be one of the award receivers last night. I am very happy to say that I have been awarded the Oakhill Gallery Award for Emerging artists. This award, as described by the Oakhill web site says: “Each year Oak Hill awards the top Graduates and Chisholm Institute an exhibition in our Gallery.  Each year we have seen outstanding work and this year’s recipient is no exception.”

Past winners of this award have been offered the opportunity to exhibit their work at the gallery, so I am excited to see what it means for me as the 2013 awardee. If an exhibition of my most recent works is on the agenda, I will try to keep everyone up to speed on where and when it will happen.

For the moment, I am basking in the warmth of the great achievement of having helped to put on a successful opening night and worked on the committee with such a fantastic bunch of young artists (and having graduated with all High Distinctions in my second year, two Distinctions and all others, High Distinctions in my first year).

The End of Year Exhibition at TAFE will run until about the 11th of December in Building C, Frankston TAFE (the older red brick building opposite the Frankston railway station), it will be open weekdays from 9am-4pm. Call into the art office which is in the entrance off the car park for the students facing Cranbourne Road if you need help.

Please note that as a rule you need a permit to park in the car park on the TAFE grounds, so I would suggest parking in the bays supplied in the street facing the building.

Most of the works on display by the students is for sale. All except one of mine is for sale. Information about prices, payment methods and how to contact me are on the walls near my artworks.

I encourage anyone who has an interest in collecting art, to have a look at some of the stand out pieces in this exhibition (not just mine). This is the best time to get in on the early works of artists as they begin their careers. Early works of many artists who have gone on to become famous and very sought after, have become hard to find and very valuable. There is also the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting a living artist, and an Australian artist as well as owning a beautiful artwork.

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