Australian Fine Artist


Visual Arts Student Day Trip to Art Exhibitions in the City and Surrounds

Wednesday September 11th, 2013

Ian Potter Federation Square: “Suburban”

An exhibition of digital photographs which had been altered to convey a story or message of some sort. A few were attractive to look at others which were of a house burning were more confronting. Blood red cross and marks over a house created a scenario where you began to wonder what had gone on in the building. Sad or violent history, families and their stories were hinted at. Well done but didn’t hold my attention for a long time as I find paintings and artworks that have the marks of the artists evident such as paintings, drawings, sculptures etc more appealing.

ACMI Federation Square: “The Lost Thing: From Book to Film” Shaun Tan

This was my favourite exhibition of the day. I went through it twice. The space was set up with items reflecting the story and the whole creative process was on show. Small sketches, coloured paintings, visual diaries, story boards and notes told how the finished products were planned and designed. Video interviews with the artist gave an insight into his process as well as the type of person he is. Mock ups of the finishes illustrated book were on display and at the end was the finished animated video. It was refreshing to see the gentler and kinder side of humanity in the story even though a little sad in spots. The video was beautifully done, the story was totally fictional but still very moving and had elements of the truth of our existence in it.

Australian Galleries, Collingwood: “No Cure for Life” Rona Green – Including Artist’s Talk

Even though not my style at all, Rona gave a very interesting and informative chat about her process and the professional side of arts practices. She was totally engaging and I enjoyed listening to her story. She uses quality materials and makes sure that her finished product is up to a professional standard. Her interest in Egyptology, tatoos from various cultures and masks from all over the world was reflected in her work as her morphed creations of human animal used these themes to pull the viewer in to investigate what they were and what sort of personality they had. The addition of French wording she hoped gave the work an air of sophistication and further interest. As the work was of hand painted prints, she made some good suggestions about keeping colour swatches, keeping records of each project and records of the process of creation. She also spoke about networking and working with galleries.

James Makin Gallery, Collingwood: “A Survey” Prints by Wayne Viney

These works looked more like paintings by Dutch masters from the past. The colour palettes were rich but limited and muted giving moody feelings to all the works. Very atmospheric and creative they were good to look at eve though not my style.

Fehily Contemporary Gallery, Collingwood: “Homeland” Abdul Abdullah and “Silk Atlas” by David Collins

Although I could appreciate the skill involved in the creation of the works in this exhibition they didn’t really hold my attention for long. Some of the images reminded me of those by another artists at the McClelland Gallery earlier this year with a rather theatrical or even “Bollywood” feel to them.

Neo Space, Collingwood: “Monstrous” Group Exhibition: Bill Haye and Philip Faulks et al

This is a very new gallery, the owner met us which was nice for a change, and we were “introduced” to all he works on display. The methods for producing pieces in this exhibition varied as did the style and subjects. They were all contemporary in one way or another, so whilst appreciating the skills involved, again they were not the type of art that holds my attention for long or that I connect with.

Australian Print Workshop, Fitzroy: “First Editions” by various artists from Fiji

This exhibition had prints by from our neighbouring country Fiji. The patterns and symbols reflected the culture and landscape of this lovely country. Some looked more like tattoo designs others like decoration you may find on fabrics. Having travelled through the Cook Islands I appreciated the beautiful patterns and inclusion of the animals and plant life that abounds in the Pacific islands.

Gertrude Street Contemporary: (Closed)

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