Australian Fine Artist

Bill Haye

Painter, Sculptor, Printmaker, Tutor

Artist Talk at Chisholm TAFE

We were to have a talk about art and the law, concentrating on intellectual property and copyright (which I was actually looking forward to as I think it is VERY important), however, the presenter called in sick and Bill, who seems to be the guy to fill in when things hit the fan, did so again with a well put together presentation covering most of his working career.

Bill was educated at University in the arts and is a very well-travelled artist. Even with this he admits that his art is not always planned and he doesn’t always know where a project will end up when he starts it. His interests vary, but usually come back to the human condition.

Starting with a very traditional slide show, we were treated to seeing works created by mixing oils with found materials culminating in three dimensional pieces that hung off walls or stood independently. Bill likes to use current events in the news as themes but has also calls on his love of ancient history and what he has seen on his travels through Europe, the USA and Australia.

Bill’s work is mostly non-realist and playful. He will combine images from different perspectives to make narratives and will use any object to make a statement. This means he has often has a lot of bits and pieces lying around just in case he needs them. He says that you have to have more than you think you need when starting a project so that you can make creative decisions on the fly.

He has been in several group and shared exhibitions over the years, some with our other tutor Phil, with whom he has had a long friendship. His constant and dedicated application of his arts practice comes out in the amount of work he was able to show us in this talk. Lots of experimenting, use of different mediums and materials as well as changes of style and method were shown from his busy career. How he fits in teaching is amazing. He is a very good example of someone who loves what they do and making it a passion and priority.

Final Thoughts

Although I may not agree with his views about certain things, and I don’t paint like he does either, I admire Bill for his dedication and for the kind and approachable tutor that he is. He has thoughtful comments and suggestions and is a fantastic listener. He is also a prolific practising artist whose love of the arts is very obvious. He gave a professional and enjoyable (mostly) presentation and filled in at the last minute with a very interesting talk. For that I thank him.

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