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A Strength and a Money Earning Opportunity
Choose an Artist or Arts Practice that You Admire and Write about them

With our regular tutor back in the saddle today, we were back on track with work towards our assessment tasks as well as some new things to think about.

We began with a chat about what we have been doing in his absence and what we have been or are reading.

  1. Conduct Research
    We have been given a two choice task to complete by October 2nd. I have chosen to write an article about the McClelland Gallery Educational Program and its associated volunteer program. I am a keen supporter and would like more people to know what is going on that is of such an advantage for the kids who come up school groups and during their holidays to participate.
  2. Progress Towards Marketing for Niche Markets
    Possibly in conjunction with number 1. we talked about marketing to get us thinking about connecting people by the use of the arts. This covers governments, councils, galleries and arts practices and what they do in their marketing and event planning. This may also fall into the assessment task we are already putting together to be finalised with a submission to David as well as presentations to the class as representative of our target markets.

Class Discussion

We talked about marketing (our art). We brought in things like nostalgia and how important it is for most to have a sense of belonging and connection in their community. In a modern society where people are constantly on the move, working long hours and where established institutions such as the church are no longer the binder that they used to be, how does art help in making people feel less isolated?

This is where government and groups can create events and programs that can fill this need.

Question: How often do you engage with community? What method do you use? (face to face, person to person, community groups, social media etc)

Since some of this requires dealing with new things and the unknown, how do we get over that fear so that we can start to engage?

As artists we can learn to embrace the “different”, we as creatives are often looking for new and challenging, so putting that onto a wider social scale is just another step.

Arts can be used in the following forums to engage people:

  • Arts Therapy
  • Community Events
  • Regional Galleries and Museums
  • Festivals
  • Community Centres
  • Community Arts
  • Public Art

By showcasing the differences and exposing people to them, they cease to be so confrontational, they become familiar.

In light of this we need to know our strengths and how they can be used for the following:

  1. How they can be used to make a living
  2. How they can be contributed to the growth of the community

Artists are problem solvers, our discipline of continually assessing and critiquing our own work teaches us to have skills that can be applied to a variety of uses.

Using the SWOT analysis system identify the following (preparation for Task 2 below):

An organisation, person or department etc that can be used as an example of the career path. We need to research their path and plans, show a “snapshot” of their career path and why we respond to them. This is part one of a two choice task. I am painting enough at present and have a good idea of what and how I am trying to produce a unique style of my own, so I have gone to one of the other parts of my business plan.

An exercise such as this is intended I think to help us to narrow down the huge field of options from the overwhelming to the more focussed goals that are more achievable.

Artists, as more flexible thinkers can apply methods they use as artist to a lot of other applications, within these are required:

  • Persistance
  • Confidence
  • Willingness to try something new
  • Willingness to take up an opportunity
  • Ability to identify and overcome a fear of change or the strange and new

TASK 1 (completed)

Identify a link between an strength and a money earning opportunity.


Over thirty years in the associated arts industry of graphics, added to with a Diploma of Management, training and experience in Fine Arts, connections in arts groups and with other arts practitioners and having run and co-directed a micro business for several years.


Build and run my own small regional gallery from either the current site I have my studio in or from acquisition of the property we are currently living on as a stand alone exhibiting and sales point.

Business Plan:

Depending on the availability to purchase property we are currently living on next door to our studio.

  • Develop old farm house into a gallery space for showing my own work, showcasing emerging artist form the local area and educational facilities and for volunteering by local artists to help gain experience in a gallery environment and as a reward for services, hanging space to be allocated on a regular basis.
  • Develop space in current studio space if property purchase is not possible. Same use as the above.
  • Annual exhibitions and community events to be organised through local schools ad art groups
  • Training and sales point through the current studio space (separate to the gallery if property purchase succeeds)

Involvement and Associations:

  • Local Schools
  • Local Shires
  • Local Art Galleries and Art Departments
  • Local Art Groups
  • Local TAFEs
  • Local Artists
  • Local Community
  • Vic Art (?)
  • Local Businesses


  • Hopefully a successful business (gallery)
  • Sales of artwork for myself and others
  • More engagement in appreciation of the arts in local community
  • More engagement in different groups with each other
  • More local education in art

Forecast Income Stream/s:

  • Sale of my art
  • Sale of art courses
  • Workshops
  • Commissions from sales of others’ art
  • Income from rental of gallery space

TASK 2 (completed)

Identify an Arts practitioner, public artist, art worker, public or commercial or public gallery, teacher or lecturer etc whose work you admire. Conduct research and provide a snapshot of their career and describe in some detail why your respond as you do to this arts practitioner.

Gallery: McClelland

McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Park is near Frankston Victoria. It is mostly devoted to showing sculptures by Australian artists, but also has some beautiful work by overseas contributors as well. As a public gallery it operates by funding from donations, grants and moneys supplied by local, state and federal governments. Exhibitions are held on a regular basis and they also hold a biannual “Survey” competition for sculpture (outdoors).

Department: Educational

The gallery has incorporated an educational department into its function. Other galleries such as the NGV operate these as well, giving children and schools the chance to see art and learn about producing art in a relaxed and friendly environment.

McClelland has a small studio on the property as well as space in the gallery. Children are also often taken on walks around the property to look at the works, learn about the environment and gather materials for creation of their own pieces to take home. In the short time I have been volunteering, we have taught kids puppet making with found materials, 3D sculpture with feathers, wood, paper and other material as well as origami for the peace park in Japan and painting with inks using Asian methods of painting.

Artist and curators are invited to hold art chats on a monthly basis at the gallery as well, where the general public as well as students and volunteers are welcome to come along and learn more about the artist’s speciality or the role that a curator or gallery manager may have.

The artists are also invited to run workshops for the kids and introduce them to their exhibited work at the gallery. Long term the gallery would like to look at expanding to adult involvement and possibly artist residencies.

Arts Worker: Imogen Good

When it was suggested by a fellow artist that I might like to volunteer, Imogen made me very welcome. She has given me help gaining a working with children check, suggested ideas about a police check as a practising artist, volunteer and teacher and has been very supportive of my education in the arts. I asked her if she could talk a little about her career and below are my notes from our chat:

About Imogen and the Program:

Imogen has a background in teaching. She filled in temporarily at McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Park, in the Educational Department and was quickly taken on full time. Her energy and enthusiasm has encouraged volunteers to come on board who also have teaching backgrounds. Some other volunteers like myself, have arts experience with a little teaching training to add to the mix. Imogen uses her skills as a teacher to design workshops and arts experiences that suit the ages of the groups or schools booked for each session. She makes sure that each workshop fits in with the exhibitions currently running at the gallery.

Imogen also encourages volunteers to continue their education by attending the regular art chats, held monthly at the gallery. There are also regular meetings to go over any new plans and to discuss ideas that volunteers may have for workshops.

By encouraging practising artists to volunteer their time at the gallery, everyone wins. Artists are included in community, community engages with the artists, the gallery gets valuable help running their programs and the artists gain experience they would not normally get.

Focus: Education for Schools Groups and Children’s Community Arts Programs

My Interest and Response in regard to my own Business Plans:

Part of the business plan for my practice will be holding workshops, classes and courses to help children and adults to be introduced to art via drawing and painting. Holding a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment was a start, but not the complete picture.

The regular workshops for kids held at the Gallery enable me to get practical hands on experience holding workshops, planning them and creating the type of artworks that both engage and interest various age children and young adults. I may not have considered teaching children until I had had the experience with Imogen. She has shown me how enjoyable it is not only for the kids but for me as well.

We do not have artists teaching from their studio in our area, there are lessons available in most directions from us but there is a gap in the local market that I feel I fill. This means that parents don’t have to travel far to find a tutor and local kids can learn about their local environment through art.

Involvement of the local community in arts practices I feel helps close the gap of misunderstanding about how artists practice and our part in the community, what we do to contribute and how what we do can be of benefit to most ages and cultures.

For me personally, I have gained confidence to be able to run a group activity, teach kids and to interact with the teachers and parents. I enjoy the time with the other volunteers and it is a good networking opportunity. Imogen also shows a great interest in my development as a professional artist. Her comments and input are valuable additions to my education and growth.

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  1. Hi
    I’d found your website a rich in many kinds of subjects and you have had a beautiful style can recognized when i see your nice paintings.
    Ayad H. Altaie
    an Iraqi Fine Artist
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