Australian Fine Artist

Wednesday at MPRG

For some this trip would have cost a small entry fee, but as I have made the decision to become a member of both the NGV and MPRG, I get into a lot of events for no extra cost, as well as the perks of coffee and a bikkie! MPRG is an easy drive so I always enjoy going there. It also gives me a chance to call into the nearby Oakhill Gallery of which I am also a member.

Three exhibitions would normally be a bit of a task but MPRG keeps their exhibitions to reasonable sizes due to the size of the gallery, so they aren’t too tiring. OK, on with the impressions of these events.

Sherrie Knipe: “Comb Over”

This comprised of large panels on the wall with wooden carved varieties of combs arrayed to create a pattern. there were also two free-standing wooden sculpture with slots cut in to them and what looked like a seat shape in the tops. Even though nicely finished and a clean and professional looking piece, it didn’t hold a lot of interest for me.

David Larwill: “Ten Years On” Retrospective

This part of the exhibition showed the final decade of this artist’s work. A resident of the area, our tutors felt he was an artist of importance. The interest in desert art and primitive art was very evident in the paintings some reminded me of graffiti and others of tribal masks. Again not the type of work that I find interesting, so I was happy to have a look but not to linger.

Lisa Roet: “Monkey Grip”

Lisa has given a talk at TAFE before and I have seen her work at McCelland Sculpture Park. this exhibition covered her drawings which I like very much, her sculptures including some lovely little bronzes as well as a video with included animation, a stained glass piece which was quite lovely and some of her larger sculptures. all of these based around her passion for the great apes, orang-utans and chimps and their interaction with, relationship to and dependence on conservation by humans.

Lisa gave a talk about each piece on display and answered questions. She was very generous with her time. It is obvious from how she speaks and what she does by travelling around the works to learn more about her subject that it is a lifelong passion.

I really did love her large drawings, the lines and tones she gets from confident use of the drawing materials creates a piece that looks like it is moving ad has bulk and form. Her display alone makes a visit to the MPRG worth the trip.

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