Australian Fine Artist

Sometimes it is good to just have a sit and think about how things are going. Sometimes your are prompted into it by others such as teachers or spouses. Sometimes it all seems to happen at the same time, which leads me to think that karma or something similar is at play.

Whatever it is I have had all the above happen recently whilst painting and assessing my artworks, and where they were heading.

For me it is easy to keep producing an “eclectic mess” as I call it, motivated by lots of things I see that look attractive, or move me to paint them. Not often is it by memories of my life or the need to reveal anything too personal to viewers.

Thanks to very “digging” chats with teachers I have been motivated to try to put a little more of myself into painting to see where they lead, and to push the story telling capacity of may paintings. This has led to new bodies of work that I had no idea I could produce.

Thank you to those who have had faith in me to be able to do this. It has incorporated into one of the best years in my life. The paintings are flowing out in abundance and thanks to my extra studies with an artist that I admire, the technique and the understanding of my medium is fast improving. It is such a buzz to stand in front of a painting and think “I get it”, I understand what colours he/she has used, what method they are using and why it is working! Even better to be able to start to apply these to my own work.

Apart from all these, my confidence is improving and I feel that I have a future not only producing art but also passing on my understanding to others via lessons, workshops and demonstrations.

Deciding to participate in the Visual Arts course was one of the top 5 decisions of my life. It has been life changing, life confirming and has given me back the soul and spirit of an artist that I truly believe I was born with – and the permission to myself to be that person.

In two weeks we present our work for the first semester. I have a huge collection of work and I am very pleased with what I have done. Not content to stay as it is, but rather excited as to where it may lead.

To anyone reading this that I study with or learn from, all I can say is that you have all made it an interesting and exciting journey and I thank you for being here, it wouldn’t be the same without you!

I am looking forward to the next semester and am already making plans. Wow, I can’t wait…

Holiday Update

To finish off I thought I might add some projects I have been working on so far during my holidays. The parrot is about half done, so is a progress shot, the pastel of geraniums is a study for the oil painting. The paint is literally piled on to this work which is a big change in direction for me – and fun I might add! I also wanted to see if I could balance out the composition with just paint texture and light with the vase and flowers. The seascape is a merging of two photos to get double the impact of two big waves, it is a pastel, which seems to be my best medium for seascapes.

I have also worked on a couple of paintings from TAFE. I took them for appraisal at AGRA and had a few bits of great advice which I have done – improving the colour perspective a lot in both of them.

Today I hope to finish the parrot as I have another project in mind and am keen to get started!!

Many of these works are being prepared for the coming Spring exhibition season so that I am not overwhelmed with work from school, monthly workshops, art society demonstrations and showing work. If you see one that you like, you are welcome to make an offer to purchase.

Pastel on a full sheet of buff Tex pastel paper.

Pastel on a full sheet of buff Tex pastel paper.

Oil on board.

Oil on board.

Pastel on a small sheet of Tex pastel paper.

Pastel on a small sheet of Tex pastel paper.

Pastel on a full sheet of  green Tex pastel paper.

Pastel on a full sheet of green Tex pastel paper.

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