Australian Fine Artist

Canson Presentation

Glenn, our lovely local Canson man gave another talk this year. Even though I was at last year’s there are several very good reasons for going to this one.

  1. There are always things you can learn
  2. There are always new products coming out
  3. Products are refined and improved so it is good to keep track
  4. You can’t remember everything so it doesn’t hurt to go again
  5. Goodies! He brings nice things for us to use.

Canson Australia distribute the following:

  • Schmincke
  • Art Spectrum
  • Derevin
  • Matisse
  • Princeton Brushes
  • Pebeo
  • Faber Castell

Amongst other topics, the difference between a good and very good canvas was talked about. Look at the back is the suggestion. You need to see the unbleached colour of the linen if you are purchasing a very good linen. Also look for the wood stretchers the material is mounted on. Pine is not the best choice for longevity and gallery quality requires a different wood.

As with many other things, price indicates the quality. You get what you pay for. If you want your work to last more than twenty years, you need to make sure the material you are painting on and with will last.

For the most part linen will outlast canvas. Cotton based paper will outlast wood pulp paper. Good quality paints with more pigment and less filler will last better and you will get more from a tube. All of these will behave so much better than cheaper alternative as you use them. Also keep in mind light fastness. Poor materials will fade faster, this is aside from storage, display and archiving issues.

We had some hands on experimenting with some paints and markers. I tried out the Schmincke acrylic and have to say it is lovely. I was told it stays usable for 45 minutes rather than the ten to fifteen I get from some others. It also felt like it didn’t need a spreader or any other medium to get tones and graduations. I am tempted to get a few tubes and give it a try in the near future.

The colour in the Schmincke water colours was also stunning. Very intense and the colour lasted longer as you spread the paint out with water. I have some old Winsor & Newton paints and these would give them a good run as far as quality is concerned.

A shorter presentation than last year, but still very informative. Glenn is also a fun guy to listen to … and yes I did walk away with some nice goodies to “play” with and experiment with!

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