Australian Fine Artist

Chisholm students and teachers took the time this afternoon to visit the McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Park to go through the 2012 Survey with a guide from the gallery. This is another role that volunteers can do in the gallery which I may take on as well as I learn more about the works in the park. Just think… in a few years I may be that person who guides TAFE students around to describe all the works on display!!

Anyway back to business! We were split into two groups and went through the Survey from opposite ends of the trail. The group I was in was interested in many of the works and I really enjoyed showing off the extra bits that I have learnt about them during my previous visits. Especially good are the interactive sculptures with sound.

For the sculpture by the winner I had the honour of introducing the piece to the group. It was a good opportunity to use some of the skills I am trying to improve by volunteering at the gallery as I have been a very nervous speaker in the past. I hope I did OK and the guide is happy with me (as well as the group and David!).

As I have written about my visits and the art chats in other blogs in this site I am not going to repeat myself as to my favourite works, or about the exhibitions, other than to say that you can go through the park several times and discover new things every time. There is no such thing as “oh I have seen that’ with these artworks, some are changing all the time, and were made to allow the weather and natural environment impact on them. Others have a lot to them and are worth another look.

As for going to all the artist chats, I am finding out more and more about what motivates each artist to create what I have seen. It also gives a little insight into the type of people they are and how they run their arts practises. So I will be going to al lot more. Hopefully in the future, I may be successful enough to be giving them instead of attending, so I am also trying to learn as much as possible.

We were told about a sculpture competition at McClelland for the end of the year whilst there, which got nearly everyone’s attention as there is a very nice cash prize. The information is going to be sent to TAFE in the near future!

I have never entered a sculpture in anything as it has been a little sideline indulgence for me when I could get the materials. As it is my minor for studies and I will have a few works, I think I may take a few out for a run and see how they do. As they say, you never know if you don’t have a go!

I hope everyone else enjoyed the tour as much as I did. McClelland is a local asset we have as artists and we really should make the most of it.


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