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Oak Hill Gallery in Mornington (near the MPRG) are holding a special fundraising event for improvement and future expanding of the gallery.

This little gallery is run mostly by volunteers, made up by a lot of the artists who exhibit their works there. They hold workshops and art lessons and are a great entry level for poeple wanting to learn more about art and also for those wishing to support local artist by purchasing their works.

Well known artist and art teacher Margo Vigorito asked me if I would like to contribute as I joined the gallery last year. Of course I was very happy to donate a little oil painting for the cause! As many artists, we keep painting and they do pile up in the studio sometimes! The oil painting is of a scene on the Mornington Peninsula looking toward Arthurs Seat (with some artistic licence!) and it is nicely framed.

Entry to this event is $100 which means you get a ticket to put on a painting to make your own for that price of $100. You also get some lovely drinks and food and a fun night out! All paintings are worth well over the price. Mine was for sale at $275 if memory serves (I have a list which I haven’t looked up).

So if you would like to purchase a painting by a local artist at a price you would never normally get it and have a great night out with other art lovers, please read the attached letter from Oak Hill Gallery for further details.

By the way Margo tells me that three people are already expressing interest in my painting!

Oakhill Poster

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