Australian Fine Artist

Made in China

Art Chat by the curator of the Made in China Exhibition Greg Leong

Date: March 21 2013

Venue: McClelland Gallery

Greg is a second generation Chinese Australian, even though he spent much of his childhood growing up in China. Being of a mixed race background (Scottish Grandparent) and gay means that Greg has a unique view point about the art scene. His considerable education, including post graduate work in the UK, a Master of Arts Degree and a PhD has given him a solid preparation for being a practising artist as far as skills but not so much in regard to being a minority in a minority in Tasmania. He has, however established himself in the arts and has moved on to curating as well as producing art. He is also a very engaging speaker.

This show in McClelland Gallery is about two different generations of artists covering those born closer to 1943 and those nearer 1986. The works are from 1979-2012. Sixteen artists are contributing to the show and the works are anything from traditional oil paintings to Chinese style paper cuts to video.

The theme is mostly about being Asian in Australia, although topics also cover being an affluent artist in China, gender and sexual orientation issues and political ones.

I am not going to go into all the works in the show by all sixteen artists as there is a very good catalogue which can be purchased when you go to McClelland for a very reasonable price. What I will say is that even though a few of the images and videos are confronting there are others that are very beautiful and most are thought provoking.

The exhibition catalogue also contains very good examples of artist’s statements for anyone wishing to see some before they write their own.

Artist showing in Made in China are:

Tony Ayres
Chen Ping
Shuxia Chen
Clara Chow
Lindy Lee
Kevin Leong
Owen Leong
Liu Xiao Xian
Jane Quon
Pamela Mei-Leng Su
Aaron Seeto
Jason Wing
William Yang
John Young
Zhou Xiaoping
Tianli Zu

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