Australian Fine Artist

An exclusive to the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery exhibition.

Whilst at the MPRG for the natural history exhibition I was able to have a look at this one which is in the next section of the building. As it is based around the Peninsula, I think i may have enjoyed this one even more than the first I went there to see. With the talents of  Eugene von Guérard, Arthur Streeton, Tom Roberts, Walter Withers and including recent artists such as Rick Amor on display, there is something for anyone who loves the Mornington Peninsula and Victorian Coastline around to Philip Island and along the west coast.

Since the timeline covers such a wide span, the styles in this exhibition vary and there are examples of Australian Colonial, Australian Impressionist as well as Modern Contemporary. Some of the scenes are so recognisable to many that you will immediately know where the artist was working.

I really loved this exhibition, I could relate to the subject matter, the styles were something I could understand and deconstruct in some cases to get inside that artist’s head a bit. Some works were just stunningly beautiful to look at. Something to enjoy just for the sake of drinking in something mentally stimulating and emotionally peaceful at the same time.

This is an exhibition I could easily revisit.


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