Australian Fine Artist

The MPRG notes state better than me the information about this lovely little exhibition in the foyer at the gallery.

“Renowned Australian watercolourist Robert Wade has travelled and painted across the globe, from the markets of Morocco to the canals of Venice, yet it is a dramatic outcrop of rock on the Mornington Peninsula which continues to capture his imagination.

This exhibition features fifteen watercolour studies of Pulpit Rock, Cape Schanck which Robert Wade OAM donated to the Gallery in 2007. Painted over many years, the Cape Schanck works range from 1983 to 2007; capturing many moods they are an intense study of the light and atmospheric conditions of what was to become a favourite haunt of Australian artists from the middle of the 19th Century.”

There are also watercolour sketches by Robert from his “visual diaries” in the foyer as well, which gives us who are still on a steep learning curve, an idea of how a professional artist builds up his ideas in his journals before going on to do a complete work.

I am a FB friend of Robert so I loved seeing his works on display at the gallery. Having a good look at his paintings showed me that you don’t have to labour over a watercolour to get great effects. What looks complicated from a distance reveals itself as possibly only a couple of well executed washes when you get close up. It was what was not in Robert’s paintings that most interested me. They were not detailed, not complicated, details and fiddly bits were left out to create a harmonious and alive painting with movement and atmosphere.

This is another exhibition that I could and would like to revisit soon. I found it very inspiring and educational on a lot of levels for any watercolour painting I may venture to attempt.

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