Australian Fine Artist

Water Colour Workshop

OK! I am starting off the year with a workshop with brilliant watercolourist Glenn Hoyle!

The workshop is on Sunday 20th of January 2013 in South Frankston.

Encouraged by my “other half” who is, by the way, paying for this workshop (thanks honey!!!!) I am going to attend a full day with Glenn to again wrap my head around this sometimes tricky medium.

Glenn has a way of making water colours make sense and not at all threatening, which many of us have experienced when tackling them by ourselves. I have produced some of my best water colour paintings, which by the way have also won awards, after attending classes with Glenn. I am so very happy he had spaces available.

Another advantage of attending a workshop with Glennis that he had such great drawing skills. For this piece we spent a good amount of time drawing up the painting first. Glenn went over how to get the proportions and shapes right by dividing up you paper and getting your larger shapes in first, working out how objects relate to each other and looking at negative space around all the objects. Once you have all the larger features drawn in lightly, the rest come much more easily. You can then use an eraser to lift off any lines you don’t need or darken a few so that as you paint you have reference points.

All these techniques could just have easily have been for a drawing class. If I had started on a sheet of smoother hot press paper for example I could have continued on with several graphite pencils and created a drawing instead of a painting. So it is a good to get your drawing skills, no matter what medium you are using.

Here is the painting completed at Glenn’s workshop.

Completed at Glenn Hoyle's one day water colour workshop.

Completed at Glenn Hoyle’s one day water colour workshop.


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