Australian Fine Artist

Artist of the Year 2012

Berwick Artists Society

Section A for Experienced Artists

Sunday afternoon saw the celebration of the Christmas end of year luncheon for the society. As usual it was a friendly and fun event. I had looked forward to ending the year with all the talented and wonderful artists of this society for months.

It came as a wonderful surprise to be awarded Section A Artist of the Year. I hope I accepted the award in a manner that reflected my feelings because I was getting quite teary during my short speech.

This is a great honour which I am so pleased to accept. I have worked very hard during the past year and have had specific goals in mind to achieve. Part of which was gaining the best marks that I could for my Visual Art Course – Which I am happy to say that I have done. The other part was to win Artist of the Year at Berwick and it is such a delight to reach that goal in the company of my loving husband and artist peers and friends.

I  have posted a photo of the new inaugural trophy of which I now am the custodian for the next twelve months as well as the certificate which came with it.


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