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It Doesn’t End Just Because we have Finished at Chisholm for the Year

I know many are breathing a sigh of relief and a few may still be stressing out now waiting to see what their assessments will be for the year.

Some are planning to veg-out or take holidays which is all good. For a few of us this is a chance to reward ourselves by going to some extra special art workshops!

I look at these as rewards as they are a chance to network with some amazing and established professionals who can not only pass on techniques in art but also in teaching methods. They are also fun. These are opportunities to try something new, tackle a problem which may have been bugging you or just expand on what you are already doing.

So what do I have planned for my end of year reward?

Saturday 17th November

Oil painting with David Chen

FOLLOW-UP: We had a great day of training with David.  I Produced 2 small oil paintings which were critiqued along with the rest of the class. There was not a lot that was required to bring them up to the next level which is very encouraging. Just a few key colours and a little touch up to push the middle into the back more and tweaking of the focal points. I am signing up with David to do 9 monthly workshops next year as a course for oil painting. I hope to coordinate the activities with what I am doing at Chisholm.

Sunday 18th November

Portrait painting with Cathy Van Ee

FOLLOW-UP: Cathy took me to a new level of achievement with my portraits. We covered measuring out the face, tonal values and composition as well as completing a portrait in oils. The result was so much better than I have been able to get to by myself in the past. I have gone back to the portrait I have been struggling with in my studio with new ideas to improve it after this workshop. I am also looking forward to starting a new portrait in the future armed with the skills I have picked up from Cathy.

Sunday 25th November

Mixed media with Margo Vigorito

FOLLOW-UP: Margo makes everything fun! I have been to a few of her demonstrations and was thrilled to be able to attend one of her all day workshops. With a very different style to what I usually do, I planned to let my creative brain loose for the day. Margo is great with colour and she does more abstract style and themes from what begins as a realistic subject. We were supplied with notes and plenty of materials to use if we needed them which I will make sure to read carefully and repeatedly. As we were trying out mixed media, there were magazines to tear apart and Margo gave a short demo to start with to help us get going.

I used my understanding of typography along with some mixed media of acrylics, a few pics pasted on and finish with black and white pastel. It was a fun and relaxing day – as I knew it would be. It really does pay to try something outside your usual areas. The brain gets some exercise and the mixing with other artists is also very enjoyable.

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So What’s On For Christmas?

I have entered the AGRA Summer Exhibition for January 2013 and a new gallery in Moorooduc Art Haven has invited me to enter their December 2012 Exhibition. I have a piece at Cube 37 in Frankston through Chisholm and several still at Chisholm at their in-house exhibition until December 11th 2012. Summer is usually a quiet time for exhibitions so I will try to get some artworks ready for the Autumn season so I don’t interfere with my studies.

During the break I am hoping to get out with my new camera and spend a day at each of the following: coast ocean beaches, bay beaches, Dandenongs, the zoo a local stud farm where they have rescued parrots of all sorts (as well as some beautiful appaloosas) and Healsville Sanctuary, for reference material for future artworks.

We are also working on the studio to renovate 2 more rooms and hopefully paint the front of the building. I have just planted out the garden in the studio yard and we are looking at getting a toilet up and running so running to the house is no longer necessary.

I am hoping that after applying myself diligently students will be coming to my workshops in a year or so, in my renovated studios here in Pearcedale. We are going to be working on upgrades during the summer for a couple of the areas in the building, one which will be my training room. I just have to get rest room facilities for students which I hope will follow some time next year.

So until I see you all next year (or at the exhibition on the 22nd), keep drawing, painting and applying all your art everyone! Be safe and have a good summer. You all deserve it!!

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  1. Sweet blog! I found it while browsing on Yahoo News. Do you have any suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Cheers

    • Thanks for your comment. I don’t know how I got listed other than publishing quite regularly which is how I was told you start getting ranked in search engines. Keep publishing and check how you go every couple of weeks.

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