Australian Fine Artist

New exhibits, in and out of the building.

Art workshops for school groups.

After being rained on and blown all over the place last week to have a preview of the new area to be opened soon at the park, this week was a delight weather wise. Not that seeing all the new sculptures (35 of them) was not amazing, it was. I can’t wait to go back and see everything when all the electrics are hooked up and the signage is in.

This week I noticed that there are 2 new exhibits in the gallery building and both are worth a good look. One has some beautiful work using glass and the other has Tertiary Students work from Diploma and Bachelor level students from such places as Melbourne Uni and RMIT (from memory). The work is very professional and well worth a visit.

Today we had a visit by classes of year 5 students for activities around the park and an art workshop in the studio. This was my fourth session and for this one I was in charge. Imogen had left a good amount of local clay and we stocked up on some more natural materials before the first of my two sessions for the morning.

Instead of creating a single subject found materials sculpture today I had the kids use their imaginations to come up with their own figures. They could be something real, something imaginary or a combination, it was up to them to think of what they could create with the materials they had at hand. I was really impressed with some of the items that they created. There was some real talent floating around as far as use of colour and modelling a figure from clay.

I was very happy that I was totally relaxed and felt in control right through both sessions with no stammering and no spots where my brain and mouth lost contact with each other! I also had as much fun as the kids! Having some very polite and well behaved students always helps, and the teachers are there as back up and pitched in when asked. I am so happy that I asked to be involved in these volunteer workshops. It is going to give me lots of experience standing in front of groups and tutoring, working with kids (which I haven’t done before) and relaxing to enjoy my own artistic skills as well.

All in all another very positive and relaxing morning.

The sculpture park is looking beautiful at the moment, there is plenty to see and even just a walk around the lawn and lake at the front followed by a snack in the cafe is a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours. I am there on alternate Thursdays, so it would be nice to see some Chisholm students popping in for a visit.

The next Art Chat at the Gallery is on December 6th at 3pm and will be a curator talk by Robert Lindsay Director of McClelland Gallery who will speak about the photography of John Gollings. John did a series of photographs about the aftermath of the Black Saturday fires. Some of his work is more like paintings than photography, with some incredible effects. I recommend making a booking if you wish to attend just so they are aware of numbers. Call McClelland on 9789 1671.

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