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Why Research and Analysis?

Today we had the final Research and Analysis class for the year 2012. A small and select group of dedicated students arrived to an unfortunately unwell tutor who had stayed long enough to make sure we had the topics covered for either discussion or in my case, blogging.

Thank you David. You have been a champion tutor all year and I have enjoyed not only learning from you but also getting to know you a little as well.

Getting on with the topics at hand: Rationale for inclusion of an art analysis/history type subject.

  • Review of some themes covered,  which ones are memorable.
    My most memorable topics were firstly Margaret Ollie. I didn’t know much about her at all before this year. I found great inspiration from her story. I also enjoyed the video about Vermeer, his use of light was amazing. I also liked having the chance to really think about my choice of style and method in painting, my plans for my practice and direction for the next two years at least. Being made more aware of living and past artists, their life choices and careers allows for reflection about what I am doing and where I am going with more planning and forethought.
  • What discernible changes have you noticed (if any) regarding how you view your own artwork?
    I think I have become a little less critical and self doubting this year. I can allow myself to experiment and make mistakes or allow things to take their own direction a little more. I am starting to analyse my own work more like I would someone else’s with a bit more detachment and clarity and less negative emotional input. Not every work has to be perfect, all my work is a journey.
  • In what way has your development been clarified as well as your sense of direction?
    During the year I have only become more determined to follow the direction I have started on. I enjoy painting and drawing in a realist/impressionist mix style. It wavers a little more toward one or the other depending on the subject and medium and how I want to represent them. I am allowing myself to experiment with areas outside of these to help with development of creativity and keep the enjoyment of the production of artworks but I am very happy with the improvement in not only method but also clarity to produce artworks efficiently for a commercial venture.
  • Has the experience of art school made you freer or more restricted in your personal expression?
    Even though I am zeroing in on my own particular style and mediums this has not been a year of restrictions. I admit there have been a few exhibitions we have attended that I could have done without. Confronting art is really not my thing, especially given my life experiences. Apart from these, the discussions, videos, artists talks and practical study have all worked towards broadening my horizons, making me think more deeply about what I am doing and why, pushed me to do that little bit better and pointed out areas where I have worked hard to improve my skill levels. Networking with other students and discussing the progress of a drawing or painting with tutors is an experience I have not had for a long time and it has been inspirational and fun.


Fellow artists in a couple of art guilds of which I am a member, as well as my husband have noticed an improvement in my skill level this year. I have had some amazing comments about works presented at guild meetings and have noticed my efficiency and ability to construct work has improved dramatically. I am also becoming more confident in groups. Along with my volunteer work with the educational department at McClelland Gallery I have noticed an improvement in ease and confidence in front of groups to talk about art and instruct.

Overall it has been a wonderful year. I could not have asked for better tutors. I especially want to point out my Painting, Drawing and Research and Analysis classes as being very productive and my Digital class for bringing back the enjoyment and creativity in front of my Mac.

Thank you everyone. I am already looking forward to next year and can’t wait!

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