Australian Fine Artist

What is the Point?

Exhibition at Walker Street Gallery, Dandenong

Peter Biram, Jim Brown (Poet) and Peter Rowe

DATES: 4-27 October 2012

I attended the opening of the exhibition at Walker Street last night, invited by Peter Biram. Peter gave a full day drawing workshop at Chisholm Frankston earlier this year and also a very entertaining and informative artist talk a few months later. He is not only a talented artist but also a passionate believer in the value of our natural resources and heritage.

The Environmental Expressionist “movement” of which he is a major contributor is dedicated to artists of all types presenting the world with a new view of how humans can live and work co-operatively and sensitively with the natural world in a way that makes sure that it is preserved and protected.

What I like about their approach is that it is not a confrontational movement. The artworks are beautiful, the poetry very moving and the whole attitude is very positive. Rather than presenting what could be ugly, painful or disturbing I saw colour, vibrancy, joy and creativity. I believe that we can lead by good example, show what is or could be positive and bring out the best in human nature with our artistic endeavours and I saw that in every piece at this exhibition.

Peter’s work, especially his latest artworks, are beautiful. He has designed works that include the use of LED lights incorporated into his paintings that means that when the lights are lowered you gain a whole new perspective on them and they create a wonderful effect that is almost hypnotic. I found that wonderful, art that speaks to you in nearly any lighting situation!

Peter has a good selection of his works on display at the Walker Street Gallery and all are just breath-taking (and for sale). They are mostly large pieces, although I did find a few miniatures, one using his new LED idea, which were some of my favourites.

I encourage all of my fellow students at Chisholm to take the time to call in and see Peter’s exhibition and show support for his growing Environmental Expressionists group. As a semi-rural resident who loves my local wildlife and the natural surroundings we are lucky enough to have in Australia I think that we can all help to further Peter’s cause, make it our own in some small way in our art practices; and help make Australia an even better place for future generations.

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