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For Digital Studies to cap off the year in my Visual Arts course we were asked to follow a photographer’s idea that can be seen on the web. He went out and started taking shots of complete strangers, putting a little bit of a story about them as well on to his web site. The idea has really taken off and he now has literally hundreds of photos and his style has matured to some interesting interpretations and insights into his subjects.

We were asked to take five photos of strangers, taking this photographer’s idea as inspiration.

I am terrible at approaching strangers at the best of times, but these days people can be very suspicious of anyone coming up to them out of the blue to take their picture. I hope my compromise for this assessment task will be acceptable. I also ended up photographing six as I couldn’t leave out any of the ones that I had thought of!

For this project I decided to make a theme of semi-rural businesses and the people who work in them. I have used my town of Pearcedale and have approached some businesses that I have had some dealings with but of which I may not know all the workers very well. In the case of my farrier and his new apprentice, I have been dealing with their boss mostly and was just introduced to the apprentice on this visit.

This was such a positive and fun exercise. Everyone I approached said yes! They were all happy to have their part in my project and all agreed to be in this blog! How good is that!

I have really enjoyed working cooperatively with these business people and they even came up with ideas about how to pose for the shots. It is a chance to promote our town and businesses and to build up better networking and personal relationships with all these great people.

I am writing a little about each business to go along with each photo (note that I have done a “stylised” set of these photos which are also included). So here we go!

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1. Rohan – Farrier

Finding a really good farrier that truly cares about horses is a rarer thing these days. I have had the services of several terrific farriers over the years as I am very particular about who touches my horses. Rohan apprenticed with Peter who was recommended by the farrier before him who is now an expert remedial farrier in Japan. Rohan has just spent time overseas honing his skills and as you can see by the attention he and his new apprentice are giving my old guy, they are worth every cent. Another great thing about Rohan, he texts you to let you know when he’ll be arriving if he’s a bit early or late!

2. Dayle – Ron Whitney Pharmacy

Dayle was very happy to let me photograph her in the beauty room. Ron Whitney has run his pharmacy in Pearcedale for many years now and it has grown to include a terrific beautician service. I haven’t been very often but the few times I have had the opportunity I have been truly spoiled rotten. All the ladies and indeed the pharmacists working at the shop are friendly, informative and helpful and this has been a great chance to get to know them better.

3. Adrian – Pearcedale Hardware

I usually only pop into the hardware a few times a year to buy weed spray for the property. My loss really as after talking to Adrian I discovered that there are a lot of new services in his business. We are renovating our premises so I was very interested in his accurate colour matching system for paints. There is also a great display for the covering to go on to pergolas etc. This sheeting is something we have been thinking about for the back of the house so good to see information about it available locally. Adrian was fun to photograph, he suggested the pose and worked with me really well!

4. Shane – Pearcedale Butchers

Shane has a great face for photography, although he probably wouldn’t admit it! I haven’t had the opportunity to chat with him much over the years as things just tend to get away from you sometimes. This was a chance to reacquaint myself with not only his fun-loving personality but also some of his new products (and a couple of old ones!) as I could not leave his butchers without purchasing some of the goodies in the display counter. Shane posed for me really well and even though he rarely uses this chopper to cut up meat these days he was happy to help me create the shot I was after.

5. Matthew – Mr Fix It Mobile Mechanics

I have had a lot of work done on my ageing Commodore at this mechanics based in the petrol station over the past year. I know the boss really well but not his assistant – but now I know him a bit better. When I asked if he would like to help out he said yes straight away. They already had a car on the hoist so in a couple of shots we had a great pose. The guys were their usual fun and friendly selves, making me feel like the whole thing was no imposition at all. I know they are always very busy, so am grateful to them for their time.

6. Lisa – Pearcedale Nursery

I wish I could get in to this business more often! I usually do business with the guys here, and they are all very knowledgeable and so polite to ladies with lots of plants to carry! This nursery has to have the most reliable plants I have every bought, I lose very few after planting. The prices are fantastic and I have sent several friends to do business with them. Lisa is one of the owners and she made taking her photo really easy. She is a lovely person and we had a chat about all sorts of things as I worked out where I wanted her to stand. She was taking care of a customer as I took the shot, which was just what I was after. Thanks Lisa!

Personal Note:

I want to thank every one who posed for me in Pearcedale today and yesterday. We are so very lucky to have such wonderful people working in such well run businesses in our semi-rural community. That is why I love living here and why I am so dedicated to supporting and promoting all our local businesses. You are all champions!

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  1. Hey, that is a neat post. Sincerely enjoyed reading it. Bye for now Will drop in soon!

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