Australian Fine Artist

New Membership

I am very happy to announce that I am now a member of the prestigious Victorian Artists Society.

The history of the society is a reflection of the growth of art in Australia with some of the founding members being names that we hold in high regard. I am including a little history from their web site.

The Victorian Artists Society had its beginning as long ago as 1870 when a small group of artists and lay persons met in magistrate James Robertson’s house at Blessington Street, St Kilda, to form the Victorian Academy of the Arts – the direct ancestor of the VAS. Among the founders were Louis Buvelot, J A Panton, Thomas Clark and Hubert de Castella. This heavyweight group were instrumental in not only securing the Crown Land Grant on which our building now stands, but in the early establishment of the Society as a legal entity.

Immediately following the grant of land in Albert Street (1873) a small blue stone building was erected which although almost totally subsumed by the present building, still serves both as a studio and a reminder of our Colonial past.

In 1886 the professional artist members led by Arthur Streeton, Tom Roberts and Charles Conder broke away and formed the Australian Artists Association. This split did not last long and in 1887 talks commenced to reunite the two groups and in 1887 the Victorian Artists’ Society was born of this union.

The building and the Society are historically significant because they have been associated with the early career of almost every eminent Australian artist of this and the last century.

As you can see this is a big step for me and I am very honoured to have been accepted into this society! The Pastel Society of Victoria is having their 2012 exhibition in the gallery of Vic Arts soon, and as I am also a member there I hope to have a work displayed. The beginning of many more to be shown in this magnificent building with any luck.

Vic Arts can be found at the following web address.


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