Australian Fine Artist

Vounteering at McClelland

School Visit for Nine/Ten Year Olds
Creative Workshop in Sculpture Using Found Object

The first session was run by an experienced volunteer and I was in support, which is great as this gives me time to settle and get my “sea legs”. The next session was the one I was in charge of. I was so happy that I was so much less nervous in front of the kids, teachers and parents! The introduction went well and as I had asked the other volunteers to ask questions and help me fill in any information I may have forgotten, so all the information was covered.

We created little “Boggarts” from found materials as we had done in my first workshop, so the hands on work was very easy. It is very surprising to me in a happy way, that I really enjoy teaching the kids and getting creative with them, showing them all the bits and pieces they can use to make their puppets even more interesting. We then make up stories and ask questions of the kids to help them broaden their imaginations and help them to have fun with the whole process.

I even got to talk to one young boy about how being creative means that he can use it later when he decides what he wants to do as a job because creativity can be applied to anything including engineering, software, computers, maths… it is all over the place. Creative thinking means that you can make things that maybe someone else hasn’t thought of yet. He got really involved in the process after that which was great to see!

Wow, I never would have imagined if you had asked me even several months ago, that I had it in me to have fun doing art workshops with kids! Again I walked out of the Gallery on a “high” and so happy and feeling really proud of myself. The kids said thank you and several came to me to personally thank me for having so much fun! BONUS!!! What a terrific morning!

No doubt there will be more blogs about the adventures at McClelland. Watch this space… as they say!!!

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