Australian Fine Artist

MPRG Works on Paper 2012

Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery

National Works on Paper Exhibition 2012

Today for Context and Culture we visited the MPRG for a viewing and a guided tour of the National Works on Paper Competition and Exhibition.

I submitted a work for this about three years ago but was not selected. After seeing the work on display today I now have a better idea why. The artworks are contemporary and much more modern than my style so I really wouldn’t have fitted in with what I did then. I thought I had gone more contemporary than my usual style but really it wasn’t enough.

Having a bit of time prior to the event was handy as it gave me the opportunity to have a rest and clear my head a bit. Rushing in to any exhibition to me is a bad idea as you can’t stand back and really take in what is in front of you.

Mind you, I am finding that a lot of modern and contemporary art is just not appealing to me at all. Many look like they aren’t finished and some just look poorly done. That is just my opinion of course, as obviously someone else thought they had merit or they wouldn’t have been on the wall in from of me.

After a wander around to see everything, I took a slower walk to list the pieces that really did stick in my head because I found things in them that prompted a return for more viewing and exploration. Below is a list of artworks that I particularly liked and looked at a few times.

Patterns of Speech by Mandy Gunn

Cage by Rolf Kempt

Remember by Graeme Peebles

Emu by Jonathan Delafield Cook

Whorl by Liz Schreeve

Amori Fati – Love of Faith by Antonietta Corino Beehre

There were over 400 entries this year and of them 65 were selected to be hung. The art was arranged in groupings to help them associate with each other and the height from the floor and lighting was strictly adhered to for best showing.

It was interesting to see and hear how carefully an event like this is planned and executed as well as seeing the art. I may not love every piece but it is usually fun to go out and see it!

BTW congratulations to TAFE Tutor Philip Faulkson being one of the 65 selected for this year.

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