Australian Fine Artist

Psychological Space

Over the space of a couple of weeks we were asked to go out and do some photography in preparation for some images to be created in Photoshop. The filters and tools in this program allow for some amazing merging and changing of not only colours, but combining images together, distorting, and heaps of other things – the list too long to go into.

I have used Photoshop since version 1 and there are multiple ways of doing nearly any task in it. It is changed and added to with every version so keeping up with what it can do is a job in itself. Given this, I have had the opportunity to keep fairly up to date with version 5 on my personal Mac in the office and even with a cheap camera was able to come up with some mages that I am fairly happy with.

I am putting them in here for all to see what can be achieved in less than three hours in front of your Mac with Photoshop. Enjoy the view!

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