Australian Fine Artist

I am very happy to write that my little oil painting done earlier this year called “Yarra Bridge Revisited” was awarded a second place at the monthly Artist’s Demonstration at McClelland Guild of Artists.

Points from these monthly awards go towards Artist of the Year. I have so far this year been award two seconds and a third.

Below is the painting that was shown this month. My thanks to Robert Knight for his kind words about this piece.


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    • I have been writing for Art Guild Magazines for about four years and running my own web site for about 5 years. I started the blog to comply with my Visual Arts Course requirements just this year. I am currently posting stories through both my web site and the blog concurrently. I have also been a graphic designer for over thirty years and am the creative director of a small business run with my husband who builds web sites as well as an IT consulting service. Thanks for visiting.

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