Australian Fine Artist

School Visit for Eight Year Olds
Creative Workshop in Sculpture Using Found Objects

Topic: Boggarts

It’s amazing what you can also learn when giving a workshop! Imogen at McClelland had prepared a great session for the kids and the studio was prepared with local clay from the McClelland Gallery Park dam and a table loaded with natural odds and sods from the grounds.

I had a little cheat sheet with pics and story about how Boggarts are little naughty spirits or elves that inhabit the bush and forests, creating mischief and trying to frighten people. That made it a lot easier to introduce myself and other volunteers and get started.

This was my first session and Imogen admitted that we had been chucked in the deep end, but with teachers, other volunteers and parents around for support I soon found everyone having a good time.

We had three groups one after the other in forty minute sessions. The plan was introduction, talk about what we were going to do, then out to find some extra materials and main sticks to build their little creations on. When back inside the kids had about twenty minutes to create their little Boggarts and I walked around helping them with modelling their clay and any tips on how to build up their creations so they wouldn’t fall apart. I also helped with tips on what they could use various bits they found for and encouraged them to be creative and have fun.

At the end of each session we had time for each child to talk about the little Boggart they had made, was it a boy or girl, was it a naughty or a good one and all the pieces they had put on them and what they meant. We then had just enough time to get hands washed and move the group on for the next one.

As I left Imogen had all the kids say thank you which was really nice, as I had enjoyed myself too. I have since had a lovely email from her which I will put in here.

Just a very short note to say thank you for all your help today! I know I threw you in at the deep end and the kids had an absolute ball!

 The same school will be visiting on Thursday the 23rd of August – different kids and more of them – 75 in fact! I will send out some info next week but we will run a very similar program.

 Thank-you all once again for showing the kids a fantastic time.


Imogen Good
Education Officer
McClelland Gallery+Sculpture Park

As you can see we are having another session in only a couple of weeks! I at least have experience now and will not be quite as nervous when I start off.

McClelland supplied a nice little lunch for us afterwards and I had a chance to walk around and take in the new sculpture exhibitions in the gallery.

If you like sculpture or do it as your art form I can really recommend attending them. Two of the galleries have Vincas Jomanis, Clifford Last and Clive Stephen works. They are mostly in wood, bronze and stone and very beautiful.

I liked Clifford Last’s works the best as they were very organic and curvy, the texture and colour of the wood showed and the shaped seemed to flow and move. Clive Stephen’s work is based more on a tribal theme from places like New Guinea and some of Vincas Jomanis’ work was more angular and abstract. There were some very nice drawings and paintings by these artists as well.

Well worth a look in any case, apart from the distraction of all the works scattered around the park outside.

All in all a really good day. The volunteering idea for me I think is a good one. It has the benefits for everyone as I had hoped, and I can only keep doing my best to keep it that way. Hopefully, more news about activities in the near future!


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